The Three-Tiered, Wave-Like Gekkou Platform

It seems like almost every business is looking for an edge over their competition. That’s why so many are turning to technology to help them out. And with the advent of the three-tiered, wave-like Gekkou platform, businesses have a new way to reach and engage their customers. So what is this platform and how can businesses use it to their advantage? In short, the Gekkou platform is a web-based system that lets businesses create customized email marketing campaigns. This means that you can target your audience based on a variety of factors, including demographics, interests, and more. This might sound like a complicated process at first, but with the help of Gekkou’s online tutorials and support team, you’ll be able to get up and running in no time. So if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition, look no further than the Gekkou platform.

The Three Levels of the Gekkou Platform

The Three Levels of the Gekkou Platform

According to a recent report, the Japanese company Gekkou has developed a three-tiered, wave-like platform that it plans to use in its business operations. The first tier is focused on providing a customer interface and making it easier for users to access and purchase products. The second tier is designed to facilitate the flow of goods between different companies. Finally, the third tier provides a platform for managing customer data and improving customer service.

While this type of platform has been seen before, Gekkou’s design is said to be unique in that it allows for more flexible and dynamic usage. For example, companies can use the third tier to create custom surveys and track customer feedback in real time. This would allow them to react quickly to changes in customers’ behavior, which could result in increased sales or lower customer churn rates.

Overall, Gekkou’s three-tiered platform appears to be innovative and well-designed. It may provide companies with new ways of engaging with their customers and improving their overall business performance.

How the Gekkou Platform Works

The Gekkou platform is a three tiered, wave-like system where users can earn rewards for their activity. The first tier is for those who share and like content, the second tier is for those who comment on and share content, and the third tier is for those who create new content.

Users start at the bottom of the pyramid and work their way up by sharing and liking content, commenting on other people’s content, and creating new content. As they earn rewards, they move up the pyramid to better tiers that offer more rewards.

The Gekkou platform was created by Japanese company LINE (LINE Corporation) in cooperation with University of Tokyo professor Kenji Toyama. The platform launched in August 2017 in Japan and has since expanded to other countries.


In this article, I introduce you to the Three-Tiered, Wave-Like Gekkou Platform. This is a layout that I often use for my web pages and ecommerce stores. It consists of three main sections: the header area, the content area, and the footer area. The header area contains your logo and other important details such as your website’s title and description. The content area contains all of the information on your page, from product descriptions to blog posts. The footer area includes important contact info such as your email address and social media links. Hopefully this article has shown you how versatile this layout can be and given you some ideas on how to apply it to your own webpages or ecommerce stores. If you have any questions or comments about this layout or any other topic covered in this blog post, please feel free to leave them below!

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