The Don Jr Twitter Saga, Wrapped Up In 24 Hours

The infamous don jr Twitter Saga started with the President’s son posting a meme on Twitter that many felt were insensitive. The article talks all about the 10-day-long saga and what happened.

The Don Jr Twitter Saga

The Don Jr. Twitter Saga is over after just a few hours. The Trump administration revealed that they had knowledge of the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer before it happened, but did not tell the public.

This has been a huge story since it first emerged last week. Don Jr. released emails showing that he was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. He then met with a Russian lawyer in order to receive this information.

Many people are wondering why the Trump administration didn’t tell the public about this meeting earlier. It’s possible that they were trying to hide it from the public until after the election, which didn’t work out very well. The meeting has now led to several investigations, including one by Robert Mueller.

What is Trump World’s Best Tweeter?

Since the Trump Jr. Twitter saga broke, many have been asking who is Trump World’s best tweeter. The answer, it seems, is Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. has consistently been one of the most vocal and active members of the Trump administration on Twitter. He has tweeted about important issues and events, as well as promoted the president’s policies.

In addition to his tweets, Donald Jr. also regularly uses social media to share pictures and videos of himself and his family. This helps to create a personal connection with his followers.

Overall, Donald Trump Jr. is an excellent tweeter who consistently promotes the president’s policies and successes on Twitter. He is definitely Trump World’s best tweeter!

24 Hours of Drama

Last night, Donald Trump Jr. released a series of tweets that have caused a lot of controversy on social media. In the tweets, Don Jr. appears to be offering to provide information on Hillary Clinton to a representative of the Russian government.

These tweets have sparked a lot of discussion and concern, and they have raised some important questions about the Trump campaign and its relationship with Russia.

This story is still unfolding, and we will continue to update you as more information becomes available.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Don Jr. Twitter saga has been all anyone can talk about over the past few days. It started with Donald Trump’s eldest son posting images of emails he claimed showed that his father and then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton colluded to win the election – an accusation Clinton has vociferously denied. However, before long, other members of Don Jr.’s family began to get dragged into the drama as well. First it was his brother Eric, who posted screenshots of messages he had exchanged with Rob Goldstone, a music publicist who helped set up a meeting between Trump Jr., Paul Manafort (Trump’s campaign manager at the time), and a Russian lawyer offering information on alleged financial ties between Russia and Trump campaign officials.

Then came Vanessa Haydon, Don Jr.’s wife who released screenshots of her husband’s phone showing he had agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer after being promised incriminating information about Clinton. Hours later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before Congress that he had not met with any Russians during the campaign and did not know what contact his son had had with them. It seems that no one knows quite where this story is going next…

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