The Amazing Upside Down Life of Abraham Quintanilla

Abraham Quintanilla, better known to the world as A.B. Quintanilla III, is the oldest member of the famous band The Kinks. In this blog article, we hear how his life has been affected by growing up in a musical family and how he has found success on his own terms following a difficult childhood.

Who is Abraham Quintanilla?

Abraham Quintanilla is a musician and composer who was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He is best known for his work as the frontman for the Latin rock band Selena. Quintanilla died in 1995 at the age of 34 after being shot by Yolanda Saldivar, his wife, and manager.

Childhood and Family Life of Abraham Quintanilla

Abraham Quintanilla was born on October 9, 1966 in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. His parents were both musicians and his mother played the violin. Quintanilla was raised in a musical household, listening to his mother play classical music and his father play corridos (traditional Mexican ballads) as he grew up.
Quintanilla started playing the guitar at the age of six and eventually formed a ska punk band with his friends, called Rata Blanca. They released one self-titled album in 1988 before disbanding. Quintanilla then formed Los Piratas de Bayamo, which became one of the most popular regional Mexican rock bands of the 1990s. They released six albums over the course of 13 years and achieved widespread commercial success. In 2003, after a decade of touring and recording, Quintanilla left Los Piratas de Bayamo to focus on his solo career.
Quintanilla has since released five solo albums: Una Noche en el Museo (2004), Abraham (2007), Historia de un Amor Perdido (2009), Siempre (2012), and El Sonido de Mi Vida (2015). He has also

Breakthrough in the Music Industry

It has been a long time since anyone has heard from the legendary group Abraham Quintanilla. However, on September 22nd of this year, music fans were treated to the announcement of a new project by Quintanilla and his son. The album was released under the moniker A.Q.U.E., short for Abraham Quintanilla Unidos Energia.

The comeback is a huge surprise to many music fans. As it had seemed that Quintanilla had left the industry behind after his legal troubles in the early 2000s. However, the elder Quintanilla has always been a creative force in the music industry. And his son was able to bring his talents into the mix for this new project. According to Quintanilla, A.Q.U.E is an outlet for him to express himself artistically without worrying about any outside interference.

The album is being billed as “a reimagining of Latin Soul and R&B.” The first single from the album is called “Tu No Puedes,” and it features guest vocals from Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber. The song is currently number one on Billboard’s Latin Rhythm chart.


Abraham Quintanilla was born into one of the most prominent families in all of Mexico. But he never felt like he fit in. He never quite understood why his family treated him like a second-class citizen. And as a result, he began to rebel against them at an early age. Eventually, Abraham Quintanilla grew tired of living under the thumb of his powerful relatives and decided to leave Mexico for good. Nowadays, Abraham Quintanilla is one of the richest musicians in the world. Thanks largely to his successful career as a singer and songwriter. In this article, we explore some of the amazing upside-down life. That Abraham Quintanilla has led and how it has helped him achieve success far beyond what anyone could have predicted.

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