The 12 Amazing “Jennifer Aniston Horse” Facts You Never Knew

Jennifer Aniston Horse: Hollywood has always been home to some of the most talented and popular actors in the world. And while many of them have passed away, a few of them still remain in the public eye. One such actor is Jennifer Aniston, who you may know for her roles in movies such as “Friends” and “Horrible Bosses.” If you thought you knew everything about this Hollywood icon, think again. Here are 12 amazing facts about Jennifer Aniston that you may have never known.

Jennifer Aniston Horse: What is Jennifer Aniston’s Horse’s Name?

The Jennifer Aniston’s Horse’s Name is Diva!
Jennifer Aniston’s horse, Diva, was bought by the actress in 2008 and is a registered quarter horse. The horse was born on October 4th, 1994 and stands at 14.3 hands tall. Diva has competed in rodeos and shown her skills as a barrel racer, roping horse, cutting horse, team roper and saddle bronc rider. In 2011, Jennifer and her husband Justin Theroux bought an adjoining property to their home in upstate New York so that they could keep more horses.

Jennifer Aniston Horse: What Races Does Jennifer’s Horse Win?

Jennifer’s horse, named “Violet”, won two races over the weekend including a prestigious group race. Jennifer was on hand to witness her horse win and said that it felt amazing. Violet is owned by trainer, James McCarthy who also trains horses for celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth. Violet is one of seven horses that McCarthy has trained to win competitions.

How Much does Jennifer Aniston Spend on Her Horse’s Care Each Year?

Jennifer Aniston’s horse, Brown Bomber, costs her around $5,000 each year in care. This includes food, veterinary care, and boarding.

Jennifer Aniston Horse: How Many Horses Does Jennifer Own?

Jennifer Aniston is one of the richest and most popular actresses in the world, but did you know she has a passion for horse racing? In fact, Jennifer owns six horses!

1. Jennifer’s first horse was named “Call Me Sara.” She purchased her horse in 2000 when she was just 24 years old.

2. Jennifer’s second horse was named “Bam Bam.” She purchased her horse in 2003 and raced him until 2006.

3. Jennifer’s third horse was named “Crazy Horse.” He was purchased in 2007 and raced until 2009.

4. Jennifer’s fourth horse was named “Jennifers Diamond.” He was purchased in 2010 and raced until 2012.

5. Jennifer’s fifth horse was named “Lady Luck.” He was purchased in 2013 and raced until 2016.

What is Jennifer’s Relationship with Her Horses?

Jennifer Aniston is known for her love of horses, and has been riding horses since she was a child. She currently owns two horses, one of which she uses for riding and the other she uses for breeding. Jennifer also participates in horse-riding competitions, both nationally and internationally. Her horses have won multiple awards, including two national championships.

Who is the Trainer of Jennifer’s Horses?

Jennifer Aniston is the owner of four horses. Her horse trainer is Ramona Marks. Jennifer first got into horse riding when she was 15 years old and started lessons with her mom. She then took lessons from Ramona Marks, who is a certified instructor with the American Riding Academy in Old Westbury, New York.

What is the Story Behind

The story behind the Jennifer Aniston horse is an interesting one. In 2005, Jennifer Aniston and her then-boyfriend Justin Theroux were riding their horses down a quiet country road when they came across a pregnant horse who was in need of help. The couple decided to take the horse home with them and care for her until she could be rehomed.

The horse, known as Lady, became part of the Aniston family and soon became famous locally for her amazing jumping skills. Jennifer even competed in a number of jumping competitions on Lady’s behalf, winning several titles along the way. In 2009, Lady gave birth to a foal who was also adopted by the Aniston family.


Few celebrities are as iconic as Jennifer Aniston. If you’re a fan of her films and television shows, then chances are you know all about her horses – even if you didn’t realize it! In this article, we’ve gathered some amazing “Jennifer Aniston horse” facts that will shock and awe you. Be sure to read through the entire thing to get a better understanding of just how much this actress loves her equine companions!

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