ReZero Fanfiction: A Compilation Of The Best Moments From The Anime

ReZero is an anime that follows the story of Zero, a character who has been abandoned by his former friends and must journey to the ends of the world in order to find them again. Along the way, Zero encounters various obstacles, some of which he’s able to overcome and others which prove to be too much. For fans of the anime, there are many moments that have stuck with them long after watching the series. In this blog post, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ReZero fanfiction moments and shared them with you. So whether you’re a longtime fan or just getting started, read on for a compilation of some of the best moments from ReZero.

ReZero Fanfiction: Episode 1: The Zero World

ReZero began as a novel series written by Gen Urobuchi, and it followed the journey of protagonist Emile Aarde as he attempts to reset the world after his ancestor destroyed it. The anime adaptation was produced by Kyoto Animation and aired from March 9, 2016 to March 24, 2017. The first season follows Emile’s journey across the Zero World in search of the crystals that can reset the world, but things quickly take a dangerous turn when he discovers that someone is following him.

The first season introduces us to some memorable characters, including ReaAshe, a mysterious girl who appears out of nowhere; Milia Blackwood, a young woman who has an obsession with technology and magic; and Ramlethal Valentine, a mercenary with a dark past. As Emile ventures deeper into the Zero World, he clashes with these characters and learns more about their motivations.

Some of the standout moments from ReZero include Ramlethal Valentine’s initiation trial where she has to fight several genetically modified beasts; Milia Blackwood’s battle against Grendel, a metal demon created by her father; and Emile’s showdown with Deathargus, one of the Four Kings of Zemuria. These scenes are full of action and excitement, and they help make ReZero one of the most compelling anime series on TV today.

ReZero Fanfiction: Episode 2: The Liberator

With ReZero concluding its first season, it’s time to commemorate the best moments with some fanfiction!

In “Episode 2: The Liberator,” Subaru abandons Rem and heads into the Sanctuary in order to free Emilia. But as he enters, he’s faced with a group of heavily armed White Knights. The player choices they made in the previous episode have consequences here, and it quickly becomes clear that not all of them are friendly.

Subaru fights through the knights, but there’s one opponent he can’t take on alone: Julius Caesar. In an intense battle, Subaru manages to injure Julius—just as Rem arrives to help him. With their enemies defeated and Emilia safe, Subaru returns home to find that Rem has left him for good…

ReZero Fanfiction: Episode 3: The Return of the Knight

Episodes 3 and 4 of ReZero: Starting Life in Another World follow Knight as he investigates the strange happenings in the castle. In this installment, Knight comes across a mysterious woman named Lilia who claims to be from another world. As the two talk, it becomes clear that Lilia is not who she seems, and Knight must investigate her Claims further.

Meanwhile, Anna continues to try to find a way back home while being pursued by Roswaal and his followers. In this episode, Anna finally comes across a gate that could lead her back to her own world, but is caught in the crossfire between Roswaal’s forces and the angels led by Beatrice. Can Anna make it out alive?

Episode 4: The Maiden’s Trial

Episode 4 of “ReZero” is titled “The Maiden’s Trial”. This episode marks the beginning of Subaru’s trial as the new Pope. The first part of this episode is devoted to introducing Subaru and his role in the church. Next, Emilia takes the stand to testify against him. Finally, Rem arrives to offer her support. Throughout the episode, we see how each character deals with the pressure of the trial and their respective relationships with one another.

Subaru begins his trial by taking the stand. He admits to trying to assassinate Reinhard, but claims he only did it out of desperation due to Reinhard’s actions. Emilia testifies against him and claims that he was always planning on overthrowing Reinard and becoming pope himself. Rem supports Subaru during his testimony, but she also leaves a clue about her true identity. At the end of the trial, both Emilia and Reinhard vote for conviction, leaving Subaru little choice but to accept his punishment: banishment from Rem and Ram who are now orphans without a father figure.

Episode 5: The Battle of Magic Knights Academy

After defeating the dark knight and saving Luna, Zero begins to feel a sense of relief. He’s about to get back to his old life when he is confronted by a mysterious masked figure.

The figure reveals themselves to be Genesis, the founder of magic knights academy. Genesis tells Zero that he is not allowed to leave the academy and that he must fight against all the students in order to become a true magician. Zero refuses at first, but eventually decides to take on Genesis’ challenge.

Zero quickly becomes famous among the students for his skills as a magician. However, he is constantly challenged by Genesis and his fellow students. In the end, Zero manages to defeat all of his opponents and becomes the new magic knight academy champion.

ReZero Fanfiction: Episode 6: The Zero Requiem

The sixth and final episode of ReZero presents a heart-wrenching climax as Emilia finally confronts Zero, but also delivers a devastating fate for the entire cast. The emotional roller coaster ride culminates in an unforgettable scene in which Rem tells Subaru that he is her true friend, and then sacrifices herself to seal Zero’s core.

In the aftermath of Rem’s death, Subaru begins to unravel the mystery of his own identity. He concludes that he was never really who he thought he was – a fact that was made painfully clear when he discovered the true purpose behind his existence. In the end, all that remains is an empty shell, devoid of warmth or love.

Nevertheless, Subaru manages to find some solace in memories of old friends and loved ones. The reunion between Emilia and Ram reveals just how much they have grown apart throughout the course of their journey – yet despite their differences, they are still able to forgive each other. Finally free from his bonds, Crusch finally returns home after years of being lost in space.

Although it may be bittersweet, this final episode completes ReZero’s journey with a satisfying goodbye for all its characters.

Episode 7: The Fake Zero

Episode 7: The Fake Zero

After finally defeating the fake Zero, Subaru returns to his own world. However, he soon realizes that something was wrong. The sun has disappeared and everything is frozen. Subaru can’t shake the feeling that this is all part of a plan by Emilia. The Subaru finds help from Ram who tells him about the Great Eastern Flag and its connection to the Royal Selection.

Subaru heads to Roswaal Manor where he meets Beatrice and Rem. They tell him that Queen Elsa is keeping Anna captive in another dimension called “The Outside.” Subaru then ventures into The Outside where he confronts Queen Elsa and defeats her. In the process, Anna is saved and Subaru finally reconciles with Emilia.

Episode 8: White Knights


In the latest episode of ReZero, Subaru finally faces his biggest challenge yet: the White Knights. Led by Ram and Ludger. These fearsome warriors are determined to put an end to Subaru’s reckless behavior and bring him to justice.

To make matters worse, the White Knights seem unbeatable. But with a little help from some friends. Subaru comes up with a plan that might just give him the edge he needs. And in the end, it’s not only Subaru who emerges victorious – everyone who participated in this epic battle will be forever changed by what they experienced.

Episode 9: Ragnarok

Episode 9: Ragnarok

The battle against the Valkyrie finally comes to a close, but at what cost? Subaru has lost everything and Rem is left to face her own judgement. Meanwhile Emilia makes her way back to the mansion to find everyone else either dead or missing. What could have happened in this final episode of Re Zero?

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