Niall Horan Net Worth

Niall Horan Net Worth, Career, Investments, and Relationships With Women

Niall Horan Net Worth

This article will provide you with the information about Niall Horan Net Worth, career, investments, and relationships with women. The following information is based on public sources. Niall Horan has a net worth of $5.5 million. The net worth of Niall Horan does not include the money that He earned in a day as a child. However, you should keep in mind that the actual amount of his net worth may vary from person to person.

Niall Horan’s career

Niall Horan’s career and net wealth has grown steadily since he debuted in the music industry. The former member of the boy band One Direction first picked up the guitar when he was twelve years old. His talent for guitar is so impressive that he can reproduce the same guitar chords using the piano. Niall Horan grew up in Mullingar, Ireland. His parents separated when he was five years old, so he moved in with his father. His parents separated when he was just five years old, but he continued to live with his father until he was in high school. At the age of eleven, he taught himself to play the guitar with the help of YouTube tutorials.

Niall Horan has achieved tremendous success as a singer and guitarist. He has been involve with a variety of causes, including the coronavirus pandemic. He has performed for the London Irish Centre and raised money for the organization. Moreover, Niall has been a vocal advocate of the Black Lives Movement and dislikes of President Trump. Whether it is singing for charity or promoting a cause, Niall Horan’s career and net worth are still growing.

While singing is Niall Horan’s main source of income, his career has also allowed him to afford a luxury lifestyle and fancy cars. In fact, he is one of the richest singers in Ireland. Niall Horan is also commit to social issues, and has declare his support for the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2020. He has attended multiple marches in London and has also expressed his distaste for former United States President Donald Trump.

His other passions include golf, music and charity. He has caddied for professional golfer Rory McIlroy. His charity work has led him to receive the Arnie Award. He also has several charitable events. He is active in several charities and is active in many of them. The next part of his career revolves around his charity work. This includes raising money for organizations that support military families.

His investments

One of Niall Horan’s investments is his own golf management company, Modest! Golf. Niall Horan made the investment in the company as part of his Angel – II programme. Since then, he has made more than two investments worth nearly $100 million. However, his recent investments have receive a lot of media attention, and many people have questioned whether they should be credit. We’ve listed some of the investments made by the singer, as well as their current valuations.

A second investment that Niall Horan has made in the U.K. and Ireland is a minority stake in Gym+Coffee, an athleisure clothing brand. Founded in 2017, the company has grown into a multi-million dollar industry and has seven retail locations in Ireland and Britain. It is an e-commerce company that offers a membership for PS1 per month, but is also available through brick-and-mortar locations.

The singer is estimate to have a net worth of $70 million in 2022. The estimated value of Niall Horan’s investments comes from his live concerts, domestic and international tours, and album royalties. He is the youngest member of One Direction, with a brother named Greg Horan. He grew up with his mother and brother in Mullingar, Ireland. As a child, Niall Horan struggled with asthma, but later went on to pursue a solo career.

His relationships with women

The star is no stranger to women and has dated a number of them. Melissa was the first woman Niall had a relationship with and the pair went on to date for several months. They first got close in 2017 while performing on his Jingle Ball Tour. They were seen getting touchy and kissing in a New York City casino in February. In April, the pair were spot partying in the Bahamas. The pair also spent some time in London in the summer. In August, they were spot on a plane together, announcing their relationship.

The star has also been link to a number of women. In 2014, he was link to Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, who was once linked to Harry Styles. The pair later broke up after a three-month fling. Currently, Niall Horan is dating Amelia Woolley. Previously, the star was dating Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin and actress Gigi Hadid.

The actor has been dating Amelia Woolley for a while. The two were photograph enjoying dinner at a Battersea restaurant on 1 August. They were recently spotted on the red carpet at a charity event host by Niall. Despite their low-key relationship, Amelia and Niall have remained close, despite the lack of public appearances. A source close to Niall revealed to Mail Online that the pair met in London earlier this year. Amelia was working at a shoe clothier in Kensington at the time that the two got together. Amelia was accompanied by Niall’s manager, Nicholas Kirkwood.

Niall Horan is a famous singer. While he is close to Selena Gomez, he is also link to actress Hailee Steinfeld. The two made their public debut together in the musical Hamilton in January 2018. They were later seen kissing outside of Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles. However, their relationship ended soon after. Whether the two were romantically linked or not remains to be seen.

His salary

Niall Horan’s salary is still unknown to the general public, but he is certainly getting quite a bit of attention these days. The Irish singer is well known for his charitable work, and has been actively involved in various charity initiatives. In May 2014, he hosted a charity football challenge to raise PS300,000 for Irish Autism Action. Similarly, in 2016, he created limited edition T-shirts for this charity.

The band One Direction have been making money off of their music careers for some time, and Niall Horan’s career is no different. He signed a solo deal with Capitol Records in September 2016, and his debut single “This Town” peaked at number nine on the UK Singles Chart and number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100. He later released his second single, “Slow Hands,” on 4 May 2017. Niall Horan’s net worth has also increased due to the success of his solo career, and his earnings are also growing.

Currently, Niall Horan earns millions of dollars from concerts and tours. He owns two homes, one in Ireland’s Westmeath county, and another in the Hollywood Hills. The singer is also reported to have dated Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore, who is nine years his senior. It has been reported that Niall is scared of needles, and he has had surgery in the past.


Born in Mullingar, Ireland, Niall Horan went to school at Colaiste Mhuire Catholic and St. Kenny’s National School. He showed an early interest in music by joining a church choir and performing in several local events. During his early teenage years, he also began playing the guitar and joined various groups, including St. Kenny’s National School and the Mullingar Arts Centre. As a teenager, he performed with various groups, including a local soccer club fundraiser.

Niall Horan’s net worth is expected to reach $70 million by 2022. He earns money from many sources, but his main source of income is singing. His popularity has earned him a luxury lifestyle and high-end cars. While many people consider him to be the richest member of the band One Direction, the singer does have a lot of income from other sources. In addition to his singing career, Niall Horan has a successful solo career as well.

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