NCME Submission Guidelines: Everything You Need To Know

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NCME is the largest medical trade association in the world and their submission guidelines are no joke. If you’re submitting a manuscript for publication in their journal, make sure you have a solid understanding of all the requirements. In this blog post, we will outline all of the main points of NCME submission guidelines so that you can be sure your manuscript meets all the necessary criteria. From title page formatting to data integrity, read on to learn everything you need to know before submitting your work to NCME.

NCME Submission Guidelines: What is an NCME Submission?

If you’re thinking of submitting a new clinical trial to the National Comprehensive Medical Education (NCME) registry, here’s everything you need to know. The NCME registry is a resource for researchers and clinicians looking for upcoming trials that could potentially be of potential interest.

The NCME registry can be searched by topic or phase. And includes information on trial registration status, eligibility criteria, protocols, demographics, study sites, and more. When submitting a trial, it’s important to include all relevant information so reviewers can assess its feasibility and potential benefits.

To get started with submitting your trial to the NCME registry, review the submission guidelines below. If you have any questions about the process or requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact the NCME Registry team at

NCME Submission Guidelines: How do I submit a manuscript to NCME?

If you have a manuscript to submit to the National Center for Medical Education and Research (NCME). There are some important things you need to know. The NCME has specific guidelines for submitting manuscripts. And it’s important to follow them closely if you want your work to be considered for publication.

First, make sure your manuscript is ready for submission. Your work must be formatted correctly, including all figures and tables, and it should be free of errors. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes as well.

Next, find the right submission form. You can find this information on the NCME website under “Submission Guidelines” or by searching for “manuscript submission form.” Complete the form according to instructions provided. Make sure you include all relevant information, including contact information for the author(s), title of the manuscript. Year of publication, and keywords or phrases that might describe your work.

Finally, upload your manuscript using the online submission system. You will need to provide some basic information such as your name, affiliation(s), e-mail address(es), file name(s) of your manuscript (.doc or .pdf), and payment method(s). Check the “submit my manuscript” box on the homepage of the NCME website and click “submit.” Your work will now be sent to an editor who will decide if it is suitable for publication in one of NCME’s journals.

What are the submission requirements for NCME journal articles?

To be considered for publication in the journal. Articles must be written in English and must adhere to the following submission requirements:

1• Manuscripts should be submitted using the NCME’s online submission system.

2• The manuscript should be formatted according to the formatting guidelines provided by the journal.

3• The title of the article, as well as its abstract. Must comply with NCME’s Journal Title and Abstract Formatting Guidelines.

4• The author(s) name(s) and institutional affiliation(s), if any. Should appear in the manuscript file name along with a corresponding e-mail address(es). If no affiliation is listed, authors may self-identify as primary investigators. In addition, all coauthors (including co-primary investigators) must include their corresponding e-mail addresses.

• The paper should not exceed 10 pages in length including figures and references. Papers exceeding 10 pages will not be accepted for review. All papers must include a cover page that includes: title of article, author name/institution affiliation/coauthor names (in alphabetical order), date of submission, contact information for the first author (name/address), contact information for second author (name/address).

NCME Submission Guidelines: Which journals are accepted by NCME?

NCME submission guidelines are very specific and cover everything from journal selection to article formatting. These guidelines can be a little daunting, but they’re essential if you want to submit your work to one of the most respected medical journals in the world.

Here are some of the most important things to know about NCME submission guidelines:

1.NCME only accepts original research articles.

2.All submissions must be in PDF format and submitted through their online submission system.

3.Your manuscript should be composed in a single, unified text document and formatted according to NCME’s formatting requirements.

4.All submissions must include an abstract, keywords, and references.

5.Authors must provide contact information for two referees who will review and recommend your article for publication.

6.Submissions that do not comply with NCME’s submission guidelines may be automatically rejected without notification or feedback from the journal editors.

What is the process for reviewing manuscripts?

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

To submit a manuscript to the National Council Against Medical Errors (NCME), follow these guidelines:
1. Read and understand the submission instructions. NCME asks that authors read the entire submission guide before submitting their manuscript, as there are specific page numbering and headings that apply specifically to manuscripts submitted through our online system.
2. Review our submission guidelines carefully to familiarize yourself with the required elements of your manuscript submission. Please note that not all of the following items are required for all submissions, but all submissions must include at least one item on each of these lists. Each list provides specific information about what is required of you as an author.
3. Complete all appropriate fields in our online submission form, including those marked with an asterisk (*).
4* Upload your manuscript in PDF format or attach it in a Microsoft Word or LaTeX file as instructed by the system prompts. If you have questions about how to upload your document, please contact us at or call +1-858-722-6270 during normal business hours (9AM–5PM EST). Do not email your manuscript directly to us; we will not be able to answer any questions related to document formatting or uploading procedures. We strongly advise against sending hard copies of manuscripts via mail; if you need hard copies mailed directly to you, please contact us at for more information about mailing options

How long does it take for a manuscript to be published in an NCME journal?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a manuscript to be published in an NCME journal. There are many factors that contribute to the time it takes for a manuscript to be published, including the editorial process, review and revision by experts in the field, and printing and distribution. However, most manuscripts are eventually published within six to eight weeks after submission.

Are there any fees associated with submitting a manuscript to NCME?

There are no fees associated with submitting a manuscript to NCME. However, authors are responsible for paying any copyright or other applicable fees associated with their work. Additionally, authors may be required to pay an honorarium for review and publication in the journal.

What should I do if

If you are submitting a paper for publication in the journal NCME, there are a few things you should be aware of. First and foremost, always consult the submission guidelines to make sure your paper is following all the necessary requirements. Second, make sure your paper is well written and error-free. Finally, be sure to provide all the necessary information requested on the submission form, including title, abstract, authorship list, figures/figures legend, and keywords.

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