life in another world as a housekeeping mage chapter 21

Life in another world as a housekeeping mage chapter 21: Every day, life in the Kingdom of Lucina is full of routine and tradition. One such tradition is the annual rite of passage for all young housekeeping mages: serving as pages in the King’s court. This year, however, things are different. After a series of strange events and an attack on the capital, King Regnaud has called on his old friend—the dashing and mysterious mercenary, Vaan—to help investigate and protect the kingdom. As fate would have it, one of Vaan’s companions on this journey is the lovely mage, Penelo. The two slowly begin to open up to each other, learning more about their pasts and what brought them to Lucina. As they journey together, will they be able to put their differences aside and work together to save Lucina from a terrible fate?

Learning the ropes

In the world of Eorzea, as a housekeeping mage, you’re in charge of keeping everything clean and tidy. From dusting furniture to mopping floors, this is one job that requires a lot of finesse.

To become a successful housekeeping mage, it’s important to have a thorough knowledge of the game mechanics. You need to be able to understand how materia works, what buffs and debuffs are in play, and how to properly use your spells. In addition, mastering the art of cleaning will give you an edge over your competition. So if you want to make a name for yourself in Eorzea as a housekeeping mage, start learning now!

life in another world as a housekeeping mage chapter 21: Magical supplies

Housekeeping magic is very important in the magical world. Without it, things would quickly become untidy and chaotic. Wizards and witches rely on housekeeping mages to keep their homes clean, tidy, and functioning.

Housekeeping mages typically have a lot of magical supplies at their disposal. They can use their spells to clean floors, walls, ceilings, windows, and any other surfaces that need attention. They can also polish furniture and fix broken items.

Some housekeeping mages also have the ability to conjure up warm blankets or hot water to soothe sore muscles or feet after a long day of work.

life in another world as a housekeeping mage chapter 21: Keeping your clientele happy

So, you’ve been hired by a wealthy nobleman to care for his house and all its inhabitants. Sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? The only catch is that you have to live in this other world where the ground is constantly shaking and strange creatures roam the woods. But before you can worry about any of that, you need to learn how to care for these people and their delicate needs. Here are a few tips on keeping your clients happy:

• Keeping the house clean is essential. Not only will it make your clients happy, but it will also keep them healthy. Make sure to sweep and mop every day, disinfect surfaces when necessary, and put fresh flowers in vases every week.

• Serve delicious food that is both healthy and appetizing. If possible, try to incorporate different spices into your dishes so they aren’t too bland or boring. Remember to serve enough food so that everyone can get their fill without feeling uncomfortable or sick afterwards.

• Keep the residents occupied with interesting tasks or games. This will help take their minds off of things and make them feel less stressed out. Try to pick activities that don’t require too much physical activity; after all, you don’t want them breaking anything!

If you follow these tips, your clients will be happy and contented – no matter how wild life in this other world gets!


In life, we are constantly moving from one place to another. Whether it’s a house, school, or work, we’re always on the go. But what if you could live in one spot and just do your job? That’s the life of a housekeeping mage. In this chapter, you learned about the different types of houses that housekeepers can live in and how to become one. Although it may seem like a dream come true at first, remember that there is a lot of hard work that goes into being a housekeeping mage. Be sure to read all the way through this chapter so that you have everything you need to get started!

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