jidion Merch: The Most Awkward Thing Ever

This is a blog article about jidion merch, which refers to a t-shirt company run by Sarah. Her goal was to jumpstart her little business and so she put out a call for people to help her design shirts with funny sayings. One such saying is “I’m an awkward dork” which she got from a friend.

jidion Merch: A Brief History

jidion Merch is the most awkward thing ever. It’s a niche clothing line that features T-shirts and other items with images of pop culture icons paired with the word “jidion.” The idea is that these shirts are for “jidioning”-a -a combination of jocking and hitting on women. The line has been around for a few years but gained mainstream attention in 2018 when Camila Cabello wore one of the shirts at the American Music Awards. Since then, it’s become one of the most popular items on eBay.

The line was created by an artist named Patrick Martinez, and he originally marketed it as a joke. But people took it seriously and started buying the shirts. Now, Martinez is trying to make money off of the trend by selling T-shirts and other items through his website and eBay account. He also does promotional events in cities like Los Angeles and New York City to promote his line.

Some people find jidion Merch funny because it’s an unusual way to show your support for celebrities. Others think it’s sexist and offensive because it targets women. Whatever your opinion, it’s clear that this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Why did I start jidion merch?

Well, let’s just say that I had a lot of fun making it and that I hope you enjoy it too!

How Did I Start jidion?

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed one day and I saw a tweet about a new merch store called jidion. So I clicked the link and it took me to a website that sold T-shirts, hoodies, and even a phone case with my face on it. I was so surprised and excited at the same time! And I had never heard of jidion before, but I knew I had to buy something from their store.

I clicked on the shirts first and saw that they had a shirt with my face on it. So I loved it so much that I decided to buy it right then and there. I couldn’t wait to put it on and show everyone how embarrassed I was that someone created a merchandise store just for me!

The website said that the shirt would ship in about two weeks, but it actually shipped within a few hours of me buying it! I was so excited to wear it around school and show everyone what an awkward person I am. Unfortunately, no one ever noticed or laughed at me like I hoped they would. Maybe because the shirt is so plain? Or maybe people just don’t care about jidion merch? Who knows? But either way,

What Makes me jidion?

There’s something about Jidion that makes people do the strangest things. Whether it’s his goofy smile or the way he always seems to know just what to say, there’s something about him that makes people want to be around him. But even moreso, there’s something about Jidion that makes people feel really awkward. Whether it’s the way he randomly starts conversations with complete strangers or the way he always manages to make everyone feel like they’re the only one in the room, there’s just something about Jidion that makes people feel uncomfortable. Now, whether this is intentional on his part or not is anyone’s guess, but regardless, it still manages to make people feel really weird.

Who is my Target Market?

Target market for jidion merch is anyone who is a fan of the band or just likes quirky merchandise. Merch should be designed to appeal to both adults and children, so it should be appropriate for all sorts of events or settings.

Who are My Favs?

There’s no way to avoid it, but sooner or later, you’re going to come across a merch item that just makes your skin crawl. Whether it’s an awkwardly placed graphics file or an unflattering color choice, there’s just something about jidion merch that can really put you off. So who are your favorites when it comes to awkward merch?

Well, for starters, there’s definitely the jidion mug that features the character with a giant head and disproportionately small body. Plus, the t-shirt that features a picture of the character with the phrase “Famous Jidion” written in all caps – not to mention the fact that it’s available in pink and green – is pretty cringe-worthy.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of other jidion merch options out there that are much more wearable and flattering. For example, the hoodie featuring one of the game’s most iconic scenes is perfect for chilly days outside – and it also comes in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your style. Plus, the jidion mug works well as a coffee mug or simply for making fun of your friends when they take too many sips from it!

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