Fake Fine Watch Brands

Fake Fine Watch Brands

Fake Fine Watch Brands

Fake Fine Watch Brands: If you’ve ever wondered whether a Swiss fine watch is real or not, you’ve come to the right place. There are many fake brands of fine watches on the market. Here’s how to spot a fake and avoid falling victim to scams. These fakes are often marketed as being part of the original brand and are often quite a bit cheaper than the real thing. In some cases, you can even get the same watch for half the price!


There are several LUME Fine Watch Brands on the market. The Lumen Series is one example of how well lume is used. Its dial features a black waffle texture with gold frames and large luminous hands and markers. Both the hour hand and minute hand are sword-shaped and feature large amounts of Lumibrite. It features a date window at 3 o’clock. In addition, luminous material is used on the crown and hands.

Lume is most often used on hands and markers, but some are designed only with luminous material. Usually, this is done for aesthetic purposes, because dress watches are not functional. However, omitting lume can impact legibility in low-light conditions. LUME-less watches can still be quite bright. But, unless you plan to wear your watch all night long, it’s best to buy one with a high-quality luminous compound.

LUME is a natural component of most watches, but not all lume is created equal. LumiNova and Strontium aluminate are pigments used for watch lume, and these are painted onto various parts of the watch. These substances absorb light and re-emit it in the dark. In most cases, lume will glow for seven hours, while former radioactive solutions lasted for one year.

Seiko Presage

To distinguish between a genuine Seiko Presage watch and a counterfeit one, it is important to know the difference between the two. Seiko Presage watches use Japanese movement technology that is hand-made, and their mechanical calibers are incredibly durable and elastic. They use a mechanism called the magic lever to wind the watch, which allows the rotor to turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. Additionally, they use shock protection, or Diashock, to ensure the balance of the precious jewels.

The Presage collection is made up of 60 models that feature a variety of mechanical calibers from the 4R series to the 8R series. These models feature a range of features including the 4R57 Caliber version and the 6R27 multi-hand power reserve model. They are available in five design series and are all fitted with sapphire crystals. The Seiko Presage collection includes watches for men, women, and children.

Authentic Seiko watches have serial numbers of six digits. However, some watches are limited edition and have serial numbers that correspond to piece numbers. Look for alignment and sharp edges on the engravings. Authentic Seiko watches should come with a guarantee certificate. The style of the certificate varies depending on the model and country. Hence, never buy fake watches with guarantee certificates. So, always be cautious when purchasing fake Seiko watches.


While it is extremely difficult to distinguish between a genuine and a fake fine watch, it is still possible to spot a fake Omega by the minute details. In most cases, the key to identifying a fake Omega is not the weight or the material, but the orientation and functions. Even minute details such as the color, orientation, and the serial number of a genuine Omega watch are enough to alert you to a fake.

If you are unsure about whether the Omega watch you’re looking at is fake, you can have a professional appraise it. If it comes in an original box, this will greatly reduce the likelihood of buying a fake. To make sure the watch is real, look for the serial number on the warranty card, the reference number on the dial, and the manufacturer’s logo on the box. Having an experienced watchmaker look at the watch is a good idea too.

The hands and dials of an authentic Omega watch should match the serial number. Older Omega pieces usually show some signs of age. However, if the lume is very bright or if the hands and dials do not match, this might indicate that the watch is a fake. Even if the hands and dials are identical, the case back should contain a serial number. This serial number is stamped on the case back of a genuine Omega timepiece.


There are numerous ways to identify fake watches. If you are thinking of purchasing a new Rolex, make sure you purchase from a reputable source. You should also ask for clear photos of the watch. Another sign of a fake watch is font variations, which are huge indicators of a counterfeit watch. Rolex is known for producing their timepieces with utmost accuracy. However, a counterfeit Rolex may be hard to tell apart from a genuine piece of timepiece.

You can detect a fake Rolex by its caseback. Real Rolex watches have brushed metal links, while fakes have polished metal links. The real Rolex also features a hidden flip-lock clasp. The real watch has engravings on the caseback, including the Rolex emblem and the word “ROLEX.” A fake watch will have no such engravings. These are just a few ways to identify a fake watch.

Another tell-tale sign of a fake Rolex is the bezel. A genuine Rolex watch has a bezel with an engraved silver border, while a fake has a larger border and does not glow in the dark. The numbers and markers on a genuine Rolex bezel are engraved and have a clear groove. In contrast, a fake Rolex bezel is smooth and does not have any markings.

Omega Seamaster

One way to spot a fake Omega Seamaster fine watch is by comparing its serial number to the real one. A genuine Omega has a seven or eight-digit serial number and this is the key to identifying it. Fake Omegas also have different finishes and the caseback is see-through. To check for a fake Omega, take it to a watchmaker or appraiser for a closer inspection.

The new Aqua Terra timepiece is known for its clean design and conjures up images of luxury sailboats. Omega has spent a lot of money on special editions and unique designs, so this brand produces a limited number of watches each year. Its high-quality workmanship is evident in the small production quantities of these replicas. The price of an original Omega Seamaster fake watch is comparable to the price of a counterfeit model.

The serial number is located inside the case back on vintage Omega models, while on modern models, it’s at the bottom of the lug. The serial number is easily identifiable as it should look like the one shown in the picture. Be aware that fake Omega watches might not have these numbers, or may have bad engraving. You can easily tell whether an Omega is a fake by its serial number. However, if you’re unsure, you can always ask a seller if they can provide this service.


A counterfeit Seiko watch looks identical to a genuine one but has an unreadable serial number and the word “Japan” above the serial number. A genuine Seiko watch will never have these characters or a “Japan” in its serial number. Another way to spot a fake is by looking at the wave logo. A genuine Seiko watch’s wave logo is raised and detailed. A fake watch will have a rough, blurry logo and an illegible, indistinct wave design.

Fake Seiko watches are often crafted with cheap and unreliable pieces. Some fake watches use stainless steel cases, but these are usually made from chrome-plated brass. They often do not have a back engraving either. Another clue to a fake Seiko watch is the movement. Fake Seiko movements are unable to replicate the original movement with the same precision and accuracy as a genuine Seiko watch. Therefore, fakes have less expensive pieces and are more likely to break.

In Malaysia, authorized Seiko dealers are prohibited from conducting internet sales. The exception is an eBay seller. The Penang distributor distributes Seiko watches in Malaysia. If you suspect a seller of being a grey market dealer, make sure to ask for a warranty card from them. Purchasing a fake watch will void your warranty. But be careful – fake Seiko watches are available on the internet.

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