Jannero Pargo Net Worth

Jannero Pargo Net Worth

Pargo is an American basketball coach and a former player. Jannero Pargo Net Worth is $3.5 million. Born into a Christian family, he became famous after he became a coach and has become well-known in the basketball community. He is currently living a lavish lifestyle with his family and has a stunning physical appearance. His height is 6 feet and one inch, and he stands 1.85 meters tall.

Jannero Pargo was born into a Christian family

A native of the Bronx, New York, Jannero Pargo was born into largely Christian background. His parents are Christian, and he practices it to this day. His siblings, Jeremy and Kizzy, are also Christians. The two grew up in loving homes. As a child, Jannero had a strong desire to play basketball. Although he doesn’t actively use social media, his mother does.

Despite being raised in a Christian home, Pargo has been involved in the basketball world since his early childhood. His father was a high school basketball coach. He went on to play for several collegiate teams, including Neosho County Community College and the University of Arkansas. After college, he joined the Los Angeles Lakers, and later on, the Atlanta Hawks. He also became a coach for young players in the United States, guiding them to play basketball and to achieve their goals.

The basketball player Jannero Pargo was born on October 22, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois. He went by his mother’s name, and grew up in a Christian home with strong values. He went to Paul Robeson High School, and played basketball for both the school and club teams. It was a star basketball player as a teenager and was recognized by many as an NBA All-Star in 2014.

Despite his celebrity status, he did not reveal much about his family. He previously married Laquisha Pargo. Before the couple tied the knot, they had dated for several years. In 2006, they married. Their son, Jannero Pargo Jr., was born to them. The couple also shared legal custody of their children. They are both Christian, but have not been married for years.

He has a net worth of $3.5 million

The American basketball player, Jannero Pargo, is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. His net worth is estimated at $3.5 million, and most of it comes from prize money and endorsements. Pargo’s net worth is impressive, considering his career graph and appearances in basketball. However, what you might not know about his earnings is his personal life. Read on to learn about his career and net worth.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jannero Pargo played basketball in college for the University of Arkansas. In the NBA, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Hornets, Toronto Raptors, and the Chicago Bulls. He was a bench player for Chris Paul in the NBA playoffs. His first professional contract was with the Russian League in January 2009, and he signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bulls in July.

The net worth of Jannero Pargo has grown significantly since his days as a basketball player and coach. The former Chicago Bulls guard plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and received $1.4 million per season. His personal life is filled with scandals, including the rumor that he is gay. His physical appearance led to the speculation that he was gay, but this was disproved by the NBA.

Despite his fame, Jannero Pargo is not married. He divorced his wife, Malaysia Pargo, in 2014. The two are not dating at the moment. However, he continues to work as a basketball coach. He earned his net worth by appearing on “Battle Wives in Los Angeles”.

He was married to Laquisha Pargo

The couple, who were married for many years, have decided to end their marriage. Malaysia Pargo, a former Basketball Wives LA star, filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences. She is seeking sole physical and legal custody of their two children. She is also asking for alimony and spousal support from Jannero Pargo.

Jannero Pargo was born in Chicago, Illinois, on 22 October 1979. She began playing basketball at a young age, and displayed her skills at Paul Robeson High School. Later, she enrolled at Neosho County Community College in Chanute, Kansas, and later transferred to the University of Arkansas. As a result, she devoted her time to basketball. She has 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

While she was a professional basketball player, Jannero Pargo was spotted with an unknown woman after their divorce. The two were spotted in a cafe in LA with a beautiful tall lady. Although she is no longer married, she still maintains legal custody of their children and remains in contact with them through phone calls and social media. This divorce has not affected her career. While she’s no longer married, Pargo is still working on her new career as a basketball coach.

Malaysia Pargo was born on 12 August 1980 in Compton, CA. She and Jannero were married in 2007. She has a brother, Jeremy Pargo, who is also a professional basketball player. Their children have similar interests. Their parents are separated. The marriage was not a happy one. In addition to their marriage, the two are divorced. But despite the tumultuous life, they continue to love and support each other.

He has a baby with Malaysia Pargo

In 2011, the pair welcomed twins Jayden and Jayla. The former BBW LA star and NBA player began dating when she was 22 years old. Jannero Pargo is a retired point guard who played for the Atlanta Hawks. The couple has three children together. Their first child was born in 2007 and they had twins in 2011. Jannero and Malaysia split in December 2012. Their last child was born in 2013.

Malaysia Pargo’s ex-husband Jannero Pargo has never revealed whether or not he is dating her. The former NBA star and assistant coach for the Portland Trail Blazers dated several women during the course of their relationship. Their marriage has survived all these controversies, however, and their marriage is still strong. However, a recent report claimed that she is pregnant with her second child with Jannero Pargo.

Despite her rocky start, Malaysia Pargo has managed to move on with her life. She has managed to launch her own children’s jewelry line as well as a bedding line partnership with Hedgecock Creed. Despite the recent divorce, Malaysia Pargo is still active on social media. She has a massive Instagram following of over 2.5 million and uses the platform to market different products.

The former couple met in 2006 during a party in Los Angeles. After the two got married in a California mansion, they co-parented their children. They divorced in 2014, but still remained friends. Malaysia has been featured on many TV shows, including The Eric Andre Show, Home and Family, and NBA’s “Boardwalk Wives” franchise. She has also established her own children’s jewelry line, Three Beats Custom Children’s Jewelry.

He is a millionaire

The net worth of Jannero Pargo is $4.5 million. According to Forbes, Pargo made the money after earning more than $200,000 in his first year. His salary on Basketball Wives LA is another big source of income. Several of his investments have helped him become a millionaire. Despite his high profile, his real name remains relatively unknown. If you want to know his true net worth, read this article.

The American basketball player and coach Jannero Pargo was born on October 22, 1979 in Chicago. He studied at the University of Arkansas and played collegiate basketball. He went on to play for the Toronto Raptors and the Atlanta Hawks before landing with the Charlotte Bobcats / Hornets. Today, he earns more than $1.5 million annually. However, his personal life is complicated. His first marriage ended in divorce and he has not revealed much about his childhood.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $4.5 million. She earns her money through endorsement deals and salary. She also sells high-end properties in New Jersey. Her family is descended from a poor ghetto and she has three children. Jennifer has three children and is the wife of NBA player Angel Brinks. In addition to her salary, Pargo has a net worth of $3.5 million.

In the meantime, Malaysia Pargo is a reality television star and a billionaire. She was married to ex-NBA player Jannero Pargo and received half of his wealth during a divorce settlement. Currently, Pargo does not have any boyfriend. However, she is still in the spotlight in the world of television. In addition to her reality television career, she is also a successful entrepreneur and a television personality.

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